Sexy as hell 2014年01月22日 / Minnie

Sexy as hell

i m trippin because
i m cravin your love
u got me to sing
i want it want it
i m trippin because
i m cravin your love
u got me to sing
i want it want it
you`re sexy as hell


BATTLE 2014年01月21日 / Fengzi




HOLD不住的中国 2014年01月20日 / Fengzi


一支关于互联网时代digital china的现状的短片。该片在2012年南京digital fringe会议以及第七届艾瑞年度高峰会议上播放。


Think Of Me 2014年01月18日 / Minnie

Think Of Me


Think of me,   想想我   
think of me fondly,   深情的想想我   
when we've said goodbye.   当我们已互道再会   
Remember me, once in a while -   偶尔记起我   
please promise me you'll try.   请答应我你会去尝试   
When you find ,that once again,   当你再次发觉   
you long to take your heart back and be free -   你冀望将心收回,重获自由   
if you ever find a moment,   若你有片刻闲暇   
spare a thought for me...   分一些思念给我   
We've never said our love was evergreen,   未曾说过我们的爱如松柏常青   
or as unchanging as the sea -   或如沧海般恒永不变   
but if you can still remember,   但若你依稀记得   
stop and think of me...   驻足片刻,想一想我   
Think of all the things we've shared and seen -   想想所有那些,我们彼此分享目睹的事   don't think about the things which might have been...   莫去想事情可能的变化   
Think of me,   想想我   
think of me waking,   想想醒着的我   
silent and resigned.   沉默且温驯   
Imagine me,   想象我-   
trying too hard to put you from my mind.   极力想将你自心中抹除   
Recall those days,   回想那些日子   
look back on all those times,   回想那些时光   
think of the things we'll never do -   想想那些我们未曾做过的事情   
there will never be a day, when I won't think of you...   我没有一天不想你   
Can it be?   可能吗?   
Can it be Christine?   会是克里斯汀吗?   
(Bravo!   太棒了!)   
Long ago, it seems so long ago,   遥远以前,似乎很遥远以前   
how young and innocent we were.   我们当时多么年少天真   
She may not remember me, but I remember her.   她或许不记得我,但我记得她   Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade   花朵会凋谢,夏日果实会枯萎   
They have their seasons, so do we   花朵有季节性,我们亦是如此   
But please promise me,That sometimes   但请答应我,偶尔-   
you will think...   你会想想...   


高潮背后的秘密 2014年01月16日 / Fengzi





Origin of Love 2014年01月15日 / Minnie

Origin of Love

Some love's a pill and some love is a candy cane 
It tastes so sweet but leaves you feeling sick with pain 
Your love is air, I breathe it in around me 
Don't know it's there but without it I'm drowning


老男孩之猛龙过江 2014年01月14日 / Fengzi